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At OnSure Health, we ensure our clients are fully credentialed with insurance companies and IPA’s. Our credentialing agents work all around the year to meet the requirements of credentialing or re-credentialing. We also work on credentialing new providers and setting them up in any state. We also help you on contract negotiation with insurance companies which will get you better pricing as compared to other practices. There could be challenges in some states to get providers contracted, this is where OnSure Health will help and get you a contract where insurance companies may refuse saying their network is full.

EDI/EFT agreements

OnSure Health ensure that the practice is paperless for timely payments and approvals of claims and electronic payments for any type of practice/facilities/ASC and hospitals. We would ensure 98% of our claims are going electronically while 95% payments are coming directly in your bank account and ERA’s in billing software.

Improve Healthcare Delivery by Standardizing The Electronic Data Interchanges For

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